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fire wife beach lover Boutique CEO Mobile Boutique Owner

Hey there!  My name is Marie and I am a fire wife, beach lover and boutique CEO! Something that I LOVE? I really enjoy hooking up the RV and heading out for a beach trip with family every chance I get!  When I’m not doing that, I enjoy every day life on our little farm  

If we haven't met yet in person, something you should know about me is that I am 5'2"  and so I have always had an issue finding clothes that fit me.  Ugghh.  Anyone else feel me here?  So I was SUPER excited to start this journey as a boutique owner and go out and help other women find styles and fashions that they can absolutely love! I've met so many amazing women! It's been amazing so far!

I hope you find something that you love here! We offer easy and fast shipping and sizes ranging from S-3XL.  We have the best customer service around!

For all my super savvy shoppers out there, I would love to let you know when we have our amazing sales and discounts. But that's not it! Go ahead and join our email list today and get 15% off your first order! Just for signing up.  :)

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email me at sales@summersetlaine.com.

Thank you for being here!